Los Osos Valley

 Garden Club Yearbook


This digital form of our yearbook contains key information about our organization - all the information traditionally found in the printed version - except for the directory which will be sent to members only, for privacy reasons. Here you can read about what we've been up to this past year, our club's history, our accomplishments and goals as a 401(c)(3) nonprofit organization and much more.

Table of Contents

Page 1 Cover Page

Page 2 Table of Contents

Page 3 Affiliations

Page 4 CGCI Calendar - National, Regional, State, District

Page 5 NGC and CGCI Mission Statements

Page 6 LOVGC History

Page 6 LOVGC Awards

Page 8 LOVGC Officers, Mission, Bylaws & Goals

Page 9 LOVGC Calendar of Events 

Page 10 LOVGC Projects, Fundraisers and Activities - Our scrapbook for the 2022-2023 year.

Page 11 LOVGC Charitable Contributions

Page 12 Friends of LOVGC

Page 13 LOVGC Membership Benefits

Page 14 LOVGC Contact Information